EVA B. - Eva Braun with Adolph Hitler
Eva B.: Directed by Leonardo Tiberi and Will Geiger – Written by Sabina Fiorenzi and Jacques Lipkau Goyard – Produced by Jacques Lipkau Goyard

Discover the enigma of Eva Braun, a figure shrouded in mystery and controversy throughout the last century. From 1932 to 1945, she loved Adolf Hitler passionately for fourteen years.
As a matter of fact, EVA B. delves into the tumultuous love between Eva and the infamous dictator, exploring the psyche of this seemingly insignificant woman captivated by a monstrous figure.

Set in her Munich villa, the narrative unfolds in the final hours before her reunion with Hitler in Berlin’s Führerbunker. Immersed in Eva’s reflections, the stage, adorned with minimalistic white furniture, comes alive through Istituto LUCE Cinecittà unreleased colorized 35mm archive footage. This groundbreaking technique breathes new life into historical scenes, transporting audiences to pivotal moments in Nazi Germany.

The green screen acts as a portal, projecting vivid memories and interactions with historical figures like Magda Goebbles and Lena Riefenstahl. The colorization liberates old black & white footage, offering a fresh perspective to modern audiences.

Central to the narrative is Hitler’s 1938 trip to Rome, Naples and Florence, visiting Mussolini. This provides a captivating backdrop to the months leading up to World War II, offering a unique experience that transcends traditional storytelling. Experience history reborn in vibrant color with EVA B., a docufilm that redefines the boundaries of storytelling through innovative film colorization.

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