HTM – Human Touch Media is a production and media company based in Rome, Italy. Renowned for its award-winning biopics, HTM focuses on crafting powerful documentary features and video productions. Moreover, the company excels in meticulous restoration and colorization techniques of black & white archival footage and films.

HTM was established in 2019 as an innovative startup, through a strategic merger with Human Touch Production (HTP), combining their expertise and extensive film library with the addition of new partners who are experts in film techniques and have international industry experience, positioning HTM as a trailblazer in colorization.

Marco Kuveiller on set
Marco Kuveiller on set

Embodying innovation, HTM has redefined the landscape of creative multimedia, setting new standards in storytelling.

HTM colorization method

Employing cutting-edge technologies, Human Touch Media develops proprietary procedures and software, such as the patent-pending OZ Color system, designed for innovative colorization and 4K-quality restoration. The company also utilizes motion mask tracking for VFX, ensuring tailor-made productions and post-production services.

Jacques Lipkau Goyard with Anita Ekberg on the set of the award-winning  docufilm Ciao Anita in HTM - About Us page
Jacques Lipkau Goyard with Anita Ekberg on the set of the award-winning docufilm “Ciao Anita

Through colorization, HTM breathes new life into historical images, providing an authentic historical revamp for a captivating visual experience.
As an award-winning Director of Photography once said, “Between the ‘B’ of Black and ‘W’ of White, there is a fascinating world of multiple colors”.

As a result of our cooperation between  between Lazio Region and the famed Istituto LUCE – Cinecittà, in 2021/22 HTM created in Rome a center of excellence, with the launch of the Lazio Film Lab project: two series of courses for young individuals interested in the profession of film archive restorer and colorization.

Our mission is to preserve and modernize the visual essence of archival and vintage repertoires, making them accessible for high-level film productions, broadcast, advertising and for educational and schooling.


Founder & Ceo

Award-Winning Director and Cinematographer, with prominent networks such as RAI Television, Mediaset, Sky and famed Istituto Luce – Cinecittà Studios. His portfolio lists numerous produced biopics, industrial, scientific, and nature-related documentaries, as well as short and corporate films. Engaging in partnerships with prestigious universities and research institutions underscores his dedication to excellence. Presently, he faces a new challenge, the colorization of historical archival black & white footage.


Co-founder & Ceo

Agent at Hollywood’s William Morris Agency, Producer, award winning Director/writer, and industry consultant, he brings his extensive experience, having previously held CEO positions at film and Italian cultural heritage companies. Served as Vice President at Italian Film Commissions and played a pivotal role at the Roma Cinema Film Commission. Consultant for IPTZ (Italian State Mint), ICE (Italian Trade office), Centro Multimediale and Cinecittà Studios, as well as RAI Trade (RAI Italian State TV) representative for India.


Founding Partner

Partner IT and archive Manager, audiovisual SW and HW solution designer.


Production Executive

Assistant director, colorization co-ordinator and digital archive menagement.


Motion Tracking Expert

Editor, VFX artist for composition, color, texture and motion tracking expert.

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