Undisclosed Italian Art

Title: Undisclosed Italian Art
Episodes: 26×55’
Master: 4K 16/9 color plus colorized B&W archive inserts

Producer: Jacques Lipkau Goyard and Elisabetta Cartoni
Production: Human Touch Media
Written by: Franco Boggero e Marco Kuveiller
Director: Marco Kuveiller
Partners: Istituto Luce Cinecittà and Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio

Undisclosed Italian Art

Art hides meanings that go beyond all boundaries, telling stories of men and peoples. This “undisclosed art” is not only that which cannot be seen publicly, because it is stored in warehouses, but includes both hidden and unperceived art, historical relics to be revealed and discovered. Behind these works there are a myriad of complex and compelling stories.
Undisclosed Italian Art – Recondita Mirabilia is the result of research, patience, physical effort and skill required to achieve this goal. The series aims to accompany the public in overcoming the typical habits of the Tourist to acquire the genuine mentality of the Traveler-Explorer.
Filmed entirely in Italy, exploring the unique Italian historical and artistic scene, this TV series is designed for a global audience.

The Cartelami

In the Italian region of Liguria they call them “Cartelami”, they are portable scenography, linked to particular moments of Christian ritual, tents suspended like curtains, free compositions of shapes, stages, or actual “little theaters” carefully inserted into the spaces of the chapels. These portable stage sets were made of cardboard or other inexpensive lightweight materials such as tin or thin wood.
After a decade of intense collaboration and research conducted by art historians, ethnoanthropologists and restorers from different countries, a heritage thought to be extinct is rapidly being brought to light in Mediterranean Europe. In most cases it had simply been “stored and forgotten”, but fortunately not destroyed.

The promo for the first episode of the “Undisclosed Italian Art” series which shows the world this primordial and extraordinary form of poor art
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