The Rex, the magnificent Italian ocean liner constructed by the Ansaldo shipyard in Genoa during the 1930s, stands as both an Italian and international icon. Tragically, on September 8, 1944, the British Air Force bombed and sank the Rex. Today, the remnants of this once majestic vessel rest on the seabed near Slovenia, weathered by the ravages of time.

The Rex, the magnificent Italian ocean liner
The launching of Rex, on August 1931, in the presence of royalty, is one of the most majestic spectacles in the history of Italian navigation.

In an extraordinary collaboration with the Ansaldo Foundation Archives, Human Touch Media embarked on a mission to restore and colorize the historical footage of the Rex, preserving its legacy for generations to come. In fact, this partnership not only honors the vessel’s historical significance but also showcases the expertise and dedication of both entities.

SS Rex, the Italian ocean liner arriving in New York on 16 September 1939, as seen from the deck of the ocean liner RMS Aquitaine.

Restoration and colorization of the Rex’s historical footage by HTM breathe new life into the story of this iconic ocean liner. The resulting visual narrative pays homage to the vessel’s grandeur and historical significance, ensuring its legacy endures in the collective memory of enthusiasts and the wider public alike.


Venturing beyond its intended route along the Adriatic coast, the Rex, not designed for the Romagna Riviera, played a role in Fellini’s Amarcord. In the film, the ocean liner symbolize a dream that emerges majestically and vanishes into the fog, capturing the essence of anticipation and emotion.

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