Rhythms of Station

Rhythms of station short film – OZ Color colorization

Rhythms of Station (Ritmi di Stazione) stands as a remarkable restoration and colorization project integral to a training course at Istituto Luce – Cinecittà. This initiative, a part of the Lazio Film Production LAB joint venture involving Human Touch Media, Istituto Luce, and LazioInnova, aimed at enhancing the colorization team’s skills.

A cornerstone of this endeavor is the exploration of the futurist avant-garde movement’s influence on Italian culture in the 1920s and 1930s. The myth of speed and progress, championed by futurists, reshaped traditional values perceived as tethered to the past.

Produced in 1933 under the direction of Corrado D’Errico, a renowned intellectual and journalist, the short film reflects the futurist ethos. The portrayal of fast trains, frenetic workers, and hurried passengers signals a radical departure from the known rhythms of Italian society.

D’Errico masterfully incorporates Gershwin’s music and subtle irony to narrate everyday actions. In fact, this juxtaposition not only softens the impact but also becomes the film’s strength, injecting humor into the nuances of daily life. The symbiosis of visuals, music, and narrative exemplifies the avant-garde spirit and its transformative remarkable impact on societal norms.

Within the Lazio Film Production LAB, this particular restoration project unveils layers of historical significance. It not only enriches the colorization team’s skills but also preserves and reinterprets a cultural artifact, contributing to a nuanced understanding of Italy’s artistic and societal evolution in the early 20th century.

The restored and colorized version of Rhythms of station was screened as a world premiere at Federico Fellini theatre in Cinecittà Studios.

Take a look at the original short film from Cinecittà – Archivio Luce’s Youtube page: Ritmi di stazione (Rhythms of station)
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