HTM – Human Touch Media, renowned for its award-winning biopics, specializes in crafting compelling documentaries, film and video productions, art television series, industrial and corporate films. Our works also focuses on advancing restoration and colorization techniques for black and white film and archival footage. Employing cutting-edge technologies, HTM pioneers proprietary procedures and software, such as the patent-pending OZ Color, designed for innovative colorization and 4K-quality restoration.

Films, docufilms and documentaries production

Film digital colorization and restoration

Our colorization in motion pictures

Human Touch also colorized three theatrical features directed by Leonardo Tiberi Fango e Gloria (Mud and Glory), Noi eravamo (We were…), Il Destino degli uomini (The destiny of men) and segments of Martin Eden directed by Pietro Marcello. All the films were critically acclaimed, we were very happy to have been able to contribute our works.

Historical and cultural television series

Take a look at our works in development!
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