With iron and fire

With iron and fire (Col Ferro e col Fuoco) is a compelling docufilm, honoring the pivotal 1926 documentary by Giuseppe Ceccarelli (Ceccarius) and Eugenio Fontana. This cinematic gem, preserved in Ansaldo Archive Foundation, stands as a testament to Europe’s inaugural business with a historical archive.

Set against ILVA steelworks, it chronicles the intricate journey of iron production, providing a glimpse into its socio-economic landscape. This historical narrative captures not only the industrial process but also the era’s intricacies.

The birth of Istituto Luce in 1924 marked a turning point, supporting documentary production. With iron and fire two years later, showcased the fusion of historical documentation and cinematic artistry.

Human Touch Media’s dedicated team embarked on the crucial task of restoring and coloring this documentary, employing our advanced OZ Color techniques. The result is a transformative visual experience that revitalizes Ceccarelli and Fontana’s masterful storytelling.

The docufilm transports us to the ILVA steelworks on Elba, against an Etruscan backdrop, transcending its documentary essence, providing a captivating journey. Dr. Orso Bugiani, Ceccarius’ nephew, adds a personal touch, recounting an era when the steelworks seamlessly intertwined with the daily lives of its workers.

This detailed restoration preserves Italy’s industrial heritage, bridging the temporal gap, deepening understanding of intertwined stories in the early 20th century.
Experience history rekindled, as With iron and fire stands as a poignant reminder of a bygone era, now vividly brought back to life in vibrant color.

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