Piero Leddi

Piero Leddi artist, born in 1930 in San Sebastiano Curone, Piedmont, inherited a diverse skill set from his carpenter father and artisan relatives.
His upbringing bestowed upon him a deep-rooted connection to the land and an intricate understanding of dairies, courtesy of his mother’s farming family.
Upon relocating to Tortona, Leddi immersed himself in painting, drawing profound inspiration from Tortonese artist Mario Patri and the legacy of Pellizza da Volpedo, a fellow countryman.
Transitioning to Milan in 1951, he immersed himself in the world of graphic design within the advertising sphere, simultaneously refining his artistic expressions.

Piero Leddi, painter, artist

Collaborating with contemporaries at Brera, including luminaries like Giuseppe Guerreschi and Tino Vaglieri, left an indelible mark on his artistic journey.
Notable figures such as Floriano Bodini, Bepi Romagnoni, Ernesto Treccani, and acclaimed critics like Mario De Micheli and Raffaele De Grada also shaped his work.

The meeting with Marco Kuveiller

Following the resounding success of our award-winning Biopic Ciao Anita, which secured 56 international accolades, we were excited to venture into creating further captivating biopics within the realms of Film and Art.
The initial encounter with Leddi dates back to 1973 during frequent Marco Kuveiller visits to Milan, both on a personal and professional level.
Culmination of over three decades of encounters led to the creation of his comprehensive biography.

Piero Leddi's work from the achive
Image from Piero Leddi Archive

The concept of documenting Leddi’s experiences amidst the vibrant Milanese art scene of the mid-20th century evolved through shared discussions.
Following his demise in 2016, the profound significance of his biography dawned upon Marco. An unveiling of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ narrative of Milan’s international art scene from the postwar period to the 80s. Leddi’s biography stands as a pivotal testament, offering a candid exploration of the artistic milieu.
His identity and contribution offer a sincere insight into a pivotal era of Italian art, one that resonates profoundly within the international artistic community.

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